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Minh Nguyễn
September 18th, 2006



Not to be arrogant or anything, but this is how a St. X graduate treats a Wikipedia article about Moeller High School:

This is how Moeller fans treat a Wikipedia article about St. X:

All this since Friday. What the fans are banned from shouting in the stands, they shout online. No surprise there. I should note that it’s not just Moeller fans: on Wednesday, a Regis Jesuit (Colorado) fan rambled on about how much better their team was, right in the middle of the St. X article. And I always see petty vandalism on high school articles, including when people from my graduating class libeled some of our classmates. But Moeller fans should know better than to deface an article on their athletic rival. This isn’t a Facebook wall; it’s an educational resource. And Moeller, with its “reputation for … academic and athletic excellence,” surely understands the implications of that.


  1. Unrelated to your post... To fix MTLJPost, edit the script and comment out the line that says: $t->param('TRACKBACKCOUNT', $entry->trackback_count); And it works. Resave your entries to post them to LJ.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Actually, your comment reminded me to check the MTLJPost webpage, just in case, and lo and behold there’s a new version that’s compatible with MT 3.3. I still had to comment out that line, though. The “Repost all entries” feature still doesn’t work – it goes into some kind of infinite loop – but it does repost when I rebuild entries using the Entry listing, which is what I wanted anyways. Thanks again.

  3. if you change trackback_count to ping_count functionality will stay. I'm hoping to put out a final 3.3 release soon.

  4. Alright. I ended up commenting it out, since I’m not using a TrackBack counter in my post template anyways. Looking forward to your new release!