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Minh Nguyễn
August 105+5 , 2006


Đại Hội Thánh Mẫu 2006

Last weekend my family and I spent some time in Carthage, Missouri. Longtime readers might – or might not – remember that Carthage is the location of the annual Đại Hội Thánh Mẫu celebration for Vietnamese-American Catholics. It’s two parts pilgrammage, one part concert, and one part Taste of Vietnam. I described the celebration in full detail last year, my first time back there since I was an infant. You can read that entry for all the pretty pictures and thoughtful reflection.

On most vacations I go on, we spend a lot of time on the road, so I usually find some roadside points of interest to blog about after I return home. This trip was no different:

The road always seems to be the main part of any family vacation I go on. You tend to notice things while sitting in a car for 12 hours straight.


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    Fortune Inn

    A “Chinese” restaurant outside Rolla, Missouri. Note to English speakers: that’s not how you write “Fortune Inn” – or anything, for that matter – in Chinese. Not even close. Spotted on the way back from Marian Days 2006....


  1. Remind me not to visit extremely weird states! I think I'll stick with Ohio and Europe, thank you very much!

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