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Minh Nguyễn
June 24th, 2006


Still alive

The extreme difficulty of contacting me lately might make you think otherwise, but I’m still alive and well. In the three weeks since I last added to this website, I have:

It’s going to take awhile to settle down, so if I don’t respond to your e-mails (or haven’t responded to them) for some time, don’t get alarmed: I’ve got three months of summer break to catch up. If I get the chance, I might even publish my annual Summer ToDo List (cf. New Year’s resolutions).


  1. Hey Minh! I was in your neck of the woods last weekend for a family reunion. I flew into cincinnati and went up to northern Ohio to a lodge resort. Happily, it wasn't as humid as I thought it would be.

    How's your summer so far?

  2. Cool. Some days it’s pretty humid; other days it’s not so bad. But we’ve been hovering around a dew point of 70°F, which is the upper limit of bearability.

    My summer’s been alright. Lots of non-work work to do on Wikipedia, of course.