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Minh Nguyễn
January 28th, 2006
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So, yes, it’s been a long time since I last blogged. Well, longer than it should’ve been, at the least. My reason for not blogging is usually that I have too much work, which is also the case this morning, but let’s not forget that procrastinating runs rampant in these parts.

All of you who check my blog religiously – I’m addressing myself in the second person here – probably noticed that my site just hasn’t been functioning correctly this past week. It all began about a week ago, when my host’s servers began responding slowly and having downtime. That often happens over the weekend, but this time it lasted several days. When the problems finally lifted, my site was still hard to access, as it was so slow in responding that browsers tended to give up on it. At that point, my host began offering to switch members to their new server that, in addition to having a more up-to-date setup, was faster. So I “migrated” my account with them that day.

Unfortunately, the problems just began: first the server refused to even run Python and CGI scripts, instead treating them as plain text files; I filed a help ticket with f2o to get it fixed, but when it finally did get fixed, other problems began cropping up. A database driver was missing. Then a database socket was misconfigured.

I could go on. But the important thing is that I can now blog again, and pX readers can once again read up on their classmates’ lives. Well, the blogging part still depends on whether I can stop procrastinating.


  1. What a lame post! This entire post was about why you haven't been posting... come on Minh give us some juicy details about your life, or at least about the happenings of the 1st floor!

  2. All that’s forthcoming. C’mon I was tired; it was past one in the morning. Besides, people are asking why I haven’t been updating pX consistently this past week, though of course you wouldn’t be one of them, since it only serves my high school.