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Minh Nguyễn
October 9th, 2005


What I didn’t want to find

Stanford basically terrorized downtown San Francisco yesterday, trying to compete for top place in our dorms’ annual “scavenger hunts.” Not only did we carry out a denial of service attack on the city’s mass transit infrastructure all day; various freshman got photographed doing various… questionable poses throughout town. The Scavenger Hunt planning page has a rundown of the suggested activities, and some of them make for good reading. I have to warn you, though, that it’s definitely college humor, and I had to do my best to stay away from most of the items on the list.

Standing scantily-clad in front of an upscale women’s department store just wouldn’t’ve made my day.

But the experience of finding our way around the Muni system and exploring the real Chinatown made the trip well worth it.


  1. Time to slim down my “need to blog about but can&rsquot; find the time for” folder. Since there’s currently a whopping 171 bookmarks in it, I’ll start with everything since October.


  1. Haha, that sounds like it was loads of fun. You need to post any embarassing pictures of yourself to Px. I think that would be incredibly humorous.

    By the way, congratulations to Stanford for winning that whole "Grand Challenge" thing.

  2. So you want me to post embarassing pictures to this blog. I think not. (But it’ll probably show up on my dorm’s website eventually, despite the fact that I’m now in charge of it.)

    Yeah, I read about the Grand Challenge today. Interesting stuff.

  3. Albert Trinh

    All this in one day? With how many people in a group? Just wondering...

  4. Sorry, Albert, that page I linked to just listed possible activities. We ended doing quite of few of them, though. I got to creatively “swim” to Alcatraz, and a partner got to pick up some live fish in the real Chinatown (a nice story goes with that). We went by dorm – Casa Zapata, had around 30 participants, I think – and we were further broken up into smaller groups of around five.