Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
August 5th, 2005


Catching up

There’s a reason I use Thunderbird’s weblog-reading component: there’s just too much good content on the Web these days. The last week or two brought in an abundance of computer-related goodies, including these about Microsoft, Opera, and Mozilla:

In case I haven’t bored you enough, how about a few links on programming and application development?

Some of the things that popped up this past week just made me scratch my head. Various bloggers noticed Apple’s new “Mighty Mouse,” a mouse that includes two buttons (!) that you can’t see and an “ingenious” little scroll ball. The thing is, I’m not sure how you’re supposed to use that scroll ball; the plethora of images on Apple’s website don’t really help. I suppose that’s why they have an Apple Store in Kenwood.

In addition, Google’s partnering up to provide a service called Current TV. It looks like an online cable channel comprised of podcasts. I’ve yet to take a close look, and I’ve yet to see why I should.

I’ve still got a host of good links in the queue, by the way.