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Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
July 14th, 2005


Scratch that

To add to the existing litany of others’ blog posts about AP scores, I’d like to announce that I surprisingly got more than a one on my AP Physics C exam.

Physics C: Mech
Physics C: E&M

Somehow. Less shockingly, I did well enough on the Calculus AB and Spanish Language exams that I’ll get some credit. Since Stanford is one of those prestigious schools, though, it’s likely that the AP scores won’t mean all that much to me. For example:

CS106 is our introductory programming course. You can take it as a two quarter sequence (CS 106A and 106B) or you can take the accelerated version CS 106X. 106X is recommended only for people who have already had some exposure to programming or are extremely comfortable picking up programming skills quickly. Technically, a 4 or 5 on the Computer Science A or Computer Science AB exam fulfills the CS 106 requirement. However, we strongly recommend that you take 106X anyway. The 106’s are some of our best courses. They are taught as a lecture, but you will be assigned to a small section, where you will get a lot of support and guidance as well as interactive grading. It is also an introduction to how Computer Science works at Stanford, what resources are available, and what is expected from students as far as programming style. Last but not least, 106X (especially in the fall quarter) will be a great way to meet lots of other people interested in programming who might also be considering a CS major.

[Emphasis mine.]

So, even though I got a five on the AP CompSci A test last year, I’ll still probably get advised to scratch that and take the course anyways.

I suppose I’m now an AP Scholar with Distinction, but again: what’s that mean for me, except maybe another computer printout certificate?


  1. So, I guess I should be glad I didn't waste the money on the physic exams. What is this printout certificate you speak of? I want one. I think I'm an AP Scholar with distinction. Ohh yeah, I was also very pleased that I got a 4 on the lit test. See you should have listened to all of your teachers telling you to take the test. You would have probably got a 5 on it and received no credit.

  2. Yeah, pretty much…