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Minh Nguyễn
May 13th, 2005
Going Out


Going out

Today our faithful President Matthew Z. Weber announced the official senior attire for the first half of next week. For those who missed it and still care (yeah right):

Winter attire: coats, mufflers, mittens, the like
Sport shorts; Speedos not considered shorts
Crazy hats: John Fogg’s now-famous bolshevik hat recommended
TBD; not wearing underpants was considered, but rejected due to privacy issues
MusicFest attire; Stormtrooper armor recommended

The irony is that Monday’s dress code could more or less conform to the traditional dress of the Wahhabi, some of whom will visit Mr. Ott’s eighth period AP Modern World History class on Monday.

It’s incredibly amazing: we seniors are already on our way out. I started this weblog as a quiet freshman. All of three people knew about it, and it mainly focused on developments in the Mozilla and Atmosphere communities.

More than three years; 633 blog entries; 24,540 comments (24,231 of which are spam); and 5,248 TrackBack pings (5,002 of which are spam) later… I think I’ve made some progress. :^)

Before I paralyze you with any more endless, reminiscent drivel: since today was the fifth-last day of school, and a week before MusicFest, the last major event of the school year, I’m going to present one aspect of my four years at St. X almost every day leading up to graduation… if I can think up as many topics.

So stay tuned for Going Out, a series of collector’s-edition posts by a highly sentimental high school senior.