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Minh Nguyễn
January 25th, 2005
High School


Top this: Weber 2005

Dan McNerney does an eloquent rant on this year’s candidates for student government:

Don’t do a f—king joke candidate. … Pretty much no matter how you present your joke campaign, you’re still going to be seen as some idiot just trying to follow in Weber’s footsteps in a pathetic attempt to score points off of someone elses idea. …

(Read the rest of Dan’s entry.)

It seems that this year’s junior class won’t produce the kind of ticket that we saw last year, when we all wore our Carefaces.

From the onset, I was afraid that everyone would simply try to copy Matt Weber’s idea – or what they thought his idea was. They have: someone decided to run Yet Another Joke Candidate™. Are they hoping to top President Matthew T. Weber?

(Well, everyone on the Careface ticket but Weber was a joke candidate, but anyway…)

Weber was effective because he was a real leader who made the effort to be creative. Imagine that! Creative government! Unfortunately, it seems some people missed the point.

When Weber 2004 was elected, I witnessed many of my peers covering their faces, wondering why in the world we the student body voted in a “joke candidate.” What they and this new ticket don’t understand is that even if you’re trying to be funny, you’ve got to have something to back that up. Weber 2004 didn’t just have coolness. They had effort, creativity, and an uncanny knack for imitating famous actors.

They also had one main point that got drowned in all the jokes: real government, no empty promises, and a dedicated team. That’s something even The Executive can learn from.

I’d imagine that many in the junior class covered their faces today, wondering why in the world they the student body tried to pull another Weber. But did they really pull another Weber?