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Minh Nguyễn
January 25th, 2005
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Unminor upgrade

(With apologies to Orwell for the Newspeak-esque post title.)

Six Apart released version 3.15 of their blogging software, Movable Type, yesterday. After I smoothly upgraded my site from 3.11 this evening, I was going to call it yet another minor upgrade (read: no changes). But there are a few changes:

And this should probably be my final post of the day. G’night.


  1. Tonight is a special night: I hereby commemorate the 20,000th comment ever posted at my weblog. And would you guess, it’s spam.


  1. Well, it would appear that you have been active tonight. F2O is still restricting applications, so I can't actually check Moveable Type out, although I do have the now outdated version 3.11 zipped and eagerly awaiting use in the lower right hand corner of my desktop.