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Minh Nguyễn
January 7th, 2005


Six Apart purchases Danga

Yesterday, Six Apart LLC purchased Danga Interactive. Chances are, that last sentence meant nothing to you. Hopefully this won’t similarly fly right over your head:

The makers of Movable Type bought LiveJournal!

And I’m using the exclamation mark there to express surprise, not pleasure. After all, Six Apart makes wonderful and very good products and services: Movable Type, TypePad, and TypeKey. LiveJournal has decent software, but the content that its members create doesn’t seem like the kind of stuff that a company like Six Apart would want to get into.

Sure, LiveJournal might have a great “community” (with the quotes, per Minh’s Axiom №1). It’s not that I look down upon LiveJournalers; it’s just that they’re journalers, not bloggers. Six Apart is a blogging company.

Fortunately, most of the LiveJournalers I syndicate at pX are better than average, blogwise at least. (Yes, even you, Antar.) I just can’t say the same for Xanga’s userbase.

Yes, there goes Minh again, with his prejudice against Xangas…

It’s interesting also that Mena Trott, the CEO of Six Apart, makes the distinction between bloggers and “LiveJournalers” at her blog, validating the long-held belief that LiveJournals just aren’t blogs, though LiveJournal (which will now be a division of Six Apart) still calls them blogs on its front page.

So, I guess I have to extend a welcoming hand to all you LiveJournalers out there. You’re under the same umbrella now. Enjoy!


  1. Ayer, Six Apart compra Danga Interactive. Lo más posible es que esa frase no te dijo nunca. Pues espero que este sea más obvio.