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Minh Nguyễn
December 30th, 2004


My notes, now encoded

mxn.f2o.org will remain my blog’s main URL for the foreseeable future, but I’ve now added test.livejournal.org/~1ec5 to my list of mirrors. That’s right: I have an account with the LJ Test Server.

So when all of you put on your smug faces and tell me about your wonderful LiveJournals or Xangas, I can tell you that I have my own, independent blog (this one); a translation of it; a Blogger blog; and my very own testbed LiveJournal.

Along with a LiveJournal that no one’s particularly interested in – but that’s not a rarity over at LJ. And the best part is, LJ thinks I have a paid account at the test server, without even asking for it! (Sure hope they don’t start charging me, though.)

But you can still catch me right here at Minh’s Notes with (almost) daily bloggables.

It may occur to you that I’m just trying to inflate the number of blogs listed for syndication at Planet Xavier. And you’d be right: 58 blogs are now set to be syndicated, with more on the way.


  1. Este sitio se quedará la dirección primario por un futuro inmediato, pero ya he aumentado mi lista de mirrores con test.livejournal.org/~1ec5. Es la verdad: tengo una cuenta en el Servidor de Pruebas de