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Minh Nguyễn
December 28th, 2004
Adobe Atmosphere



This month’s issue of Computer Graphics World features a very favorable review of Atmosphere. Too bad none of the readers will be able to download it anymore, since the software has been discontinued.

Atmosphere is heralding an age when buzzwords used to excite us are realistic descriptions of what a program offers. Atmosphere helps non-programmers create and publish fantastic-looking environments for real-time, interactive experiences, and Version 1 is a fine platform from which to grow.

If Atmosphere is heralding such an age, Atmosphere must be the Pheidippides of Web 3D. (Read the rest of Doug King’s review…)

Thanks to Francesca Crolley for the scoop. Makes me want to cry…


  1. Computer Graphics World de este mes tiene una crítica muy favorable sobre Atmosphere. Me hace llorar…