Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
December 23rd, 2004


Traducción Uno

Ahora lo hay Minh’s Notes en dos idiomas: en inglés y en español.

If you didn’t understand that, maybe this won’t matter to you: Minh’s Notes is now available in two languages: English and Spanish.

The Spanish edition of this weblog is called Apuntes de Minh (surprise…), and will be updated whenever I feel like updating it.

Fow now, I’ll tide you over with this week’s lack of an entry on the Blueprint. For the non-Iberophiles out there, the English version is also accessible.

This is a part of an ongoing project for AP Spanish Language class.


  1. THAT COURSE IS IMPOSSIBLE.(I'm talking it. I should know)

  2. Yeah, but it sure is nice that the course (and its associated AP exam) got me out of a year of Spanish and fulfilled some credits towards graduation.

    Lamping’s not so bad, though. He only gets frustrating when he’s frustrated (truism?), which only occurs when he’s gone for a few days and leaves tons and tons and tons of homework in his wake, and we as a class don’t have the wherewithal to finish it.

    But other than that…