Minh’s Notes

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Minh Nguyễn
December 22nd, 2004



There must be something wrong when, on the one hand, Channel 9’s Larry Handley forecasts a low of −3° on Saturday and up to 8″ of snow in the Tri-State area when it’s all said and done; and on the other hand, Channel 12’s Jude Redfield forecasts a low of −13° and up to 16″ (with up to 20″ in some areas).

That was this afternoon at around 12:30. Channel 9 has just now followed suit and changed its forecast to 15″ by Thursday. Watch them revise their predictions again…

Channel 5 now predicts up to 16″ (up from 10″) and a low of −10°, and calls it “The Big Christmas Snow of 2004.” Channel 19 expects 12″ (16″ in some spots, up from a mere 6″) and a low of −5°.

I graphed the forecasts that each station has been making.

(These numbers are as of this entry’s publication, and are definitely subject to change. The pages that this entry links are not static.)

Sounds like another election to me.