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Minh Nguyễn
December 18th, 2004


Serving others

It’s not easy serving others:


You know how bad, naughty little folks would get coals in their shoes for Christmas? Well, for some reason I think the Motion Picture and Recording industries will need to get some more footwear.

For every $100 you donate to the EFF, Public Knowledge, or IPac, Downhill Battle will donate one lump of coal (!) to the RIAA/MPAA.

And it’s not a joke.

I’d love to donate to the EFF, because I very much believe in the causes they’re fighting for. (I don’t think I can afford to, though. :^( ) If you can donate, please do. Just think of your kids (if applicable).

Thanks to Neil Turner for the scoop.

Jabbing at Santa

The folks at JibJab have produced yet another nationwide hit: Santa Claus! It’s hard to serve others, especially if you already donate to your favorite charity, the IRS. :^)

(And yes, I’ve succombed to posting about a meme. Just this once.)

Why journals weren’t originally intended to be read by anyone other than the author

Before you read ahead, read Justin’s very depressing journal entry. (And maybe up your browser’s text size so you don’t get lost in ramble.)

Then read his later comments.

Then admit that you got royally served. That you shouldn’t be reading others’ diaries. And that you can always count on a blog to be accurate and to-the-point. With sarcasm, of course.