Minh’s Notes

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Minh Nguyễn
June 15th, 2004
Pilsen 2004


Day One

Someone was talking about starting our trip with an icebreaker. There couldn’t’ve been a better icebreaker than a nice sit-down meal. I guess it was like an initiation – we got our first meal at a real Hispanic restaurant.

I have to give it to the folks at Nuevo León. They were so generous. I don’t know if it was standard, but they gave us enough in terms of appetizers that that could’ve been our meal. Maybe I should’ve stopped at that then, because after the sampler platter I ended up having… oh, my stomach.

Note to self: get a copy of Steven Gunn’s napkin quotes!

I guess I should start at the beginning, though. I kind regret not having gotten to know some of the people on the bus. That’s my shyness kicking in, I suppose.

There was a woman at the Indianapolis Greyhound station (no – that was a hub). She apparently purchased ony one ticket, but she didn’t purchase a ticket for the small child she had in a carriage. They kicked her off the bus. Was it right to do that? I’m sure she might have been a little cheap in not making sure her child’s fare was taken care of, but was it right for the driver to kick a monther with a small child off the bus?

Anyhow, there wa a great icebreaker before we got to Chicago. Someone brought the electronic Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? game. We worked together so well with that game, even if we were at the throat of whoever gave us the wrong answer. I even met the Quiz Team moderator for UC (Les, a librarian), who wanted to recruit Steven Gunn and me.

Note to self: get those napkin notes – they’re Quoteworthy, and they’re going on Minh’s Notes!


  1. I realize that many of you juniors out there are in the middle of mission trip interviews now. With that in mind, I’ve started to publish here the contents of the little blue journal I kept during my mission trip to Chicago (Pilsen) last summer. ...