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Minh Nguyễn
June 14th, 2004


How smart?

Some company decided to be “smart” and created SmartFox, a 100% genuine clone of Firefox – hehe, get the pun?

Indeed, the creators of SmartFox didn’t even bother to completely brand the thing. They merely changed the homepage and some bookmarks. The SmartFox webpage links to their Download.com page, which miraculously displays a 43% approval rating, and a 4/5 average user rating in all categories. But that’s strange: Firefox itself gets the exact some average user ratings! Hmmm, I wonder why that is?

Thanks to Daniel Glazman for the scoop.


  1. Hey, I am ThanhVũ, I came across this website from your info from wikipedia. Glad to see you're still into the Vietnamese culture even though you're quite young.

    By the way, Firefox 0.9 is out but I think the nightly-trunk is better than this official release. You seem to be interested in science, are you considering Science & Math as your future career ?

  2. Actually, I’m considering Computer Science. But since I’m still in high school, we’ll see how that goes.