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Minh Nguyễn
March 26th, 2004
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This is a reply to a recent comment asking me why I decided to blog, and what tips I have to share with those just starting:

Hi Kristina,

Thank you for asking. I have been a member of the Mozilla community (which makes the web browser Mozilla) for a few years now. A couple years ago, a number of high-profile members in the Mozilla community began writing blogs, and the main community website, mozillaZine, started hosting these blogs.

When I went to create a personal website around two years ago, I decided to break from the static, “this is me, and here’s some random stuff that I think is funny, and here’s some more” model that most of my friends and classmates used for their websites.

Blogging is different for each person. The way I blog is much different from the way some of my friends blog; they find it more as a way to vent, or to just express their emotions.

I guess I view my blogging more as a journalist would. And I try to cater to the interest of my readers (I hope), because I’m not so sure I agree with the philosophy that “everyone deserves to be read.” I frankly don’t think everyone’s blog is that interesting. So I try to make reading my blog somewhat worthwhile. Part of this is updating often (this is exam week for me, so I’ve been behind lately).

I hope this helps, and that it’s not just some big rambling. But thanks again for asking.

 – Minh