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Minh Nguyễn
February 25th, 2004


The right to lie

Those of you attending St. X most likely attended an assembly this week, in which two guest speakers presented their experiences living like Nike sweatshop workers in Indonesia.

Let me first point out that, more than a year ago, I reported on a court case in which Nike actually fought for the “right to lie.” If that doesn’t make you think less of Nike, I don’t know what will, because if they believe that strongly in their right to lie, what other rights would they claim? Where does it end?

I have to admit, while I’ve believed for some time that Nike doesn’t act with the highest of moral standards, I really did buy the argument that these sweatshop workers are glad they at least have those jobs. Part of my basis is that Nike has factories in Vietnam, and from what I’ve heard from relatives, etc., they’re not so bad over there. The guest speakers this week claim that Nike actually hires people to ruin the lives of people trying to form unions and otherwise improve conditions at Nike factories. If this happens in other countries, such as Vietnam, I had no idea.

Then again, I’m sure even the guest speakers don’t even know half the truth. It’s not their right, after all. </sarcasm>


  1. I’ve finally thought about the current political situation enough to blog about it. And you’re about to do a whole lot of reading.