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Minh Nguyễn
February 14th, 2004
High School



Great… our school made Bob & Tom yesterday – for a porn ring bust. You know, if ever there were a such thing as bad press, my school got more than its fair share in the past couple of days. Let me start off by saying that I am thoroughly disgusted by the fact that people sold this stuff, much less had anything to do with it.

But I’m afraid that the Administration (not a very positive word these days) will consider bad publicity the most in making their decision on the fate of the two main offenders. Now, despite St. X’s high reputation, the Administration has to consider that one of these boys (correct me if I’m wrong) is a Companion Scholars participant, and that expelling him will clearly destroy his future. I’m not advocating that this boy in particular should be kept at the school – I’d actually like anyone who sold this stuff to get expelled. After all, for the Administration to remain effective in maintaining discipline, it has to punish offenders – that’s their duty. But I’m afraid that the Administration will make the mistake of bowing to the press, and I think a lot of others are too.

Let me reiterate: I’m disgusted that people who have gone through so much to get to the school could do so much to get themselves kicked out. Besides it being morally wrong, it’s moronic.

Now, people will undoubtedly tell me that I lack a sense of community, because I support the expulsion of a member of the community. Frankly, I don’t want to be a member of a community where criminals and morally absent-minded people are accepted as having done nothing wrong. I’ve talked to people who just shrug this matter off and say that it’s really nothing. So I suppose dealing illegal substances is “really nothing” either? Give me a break.

Harsh words, I know. But I gather the Disciplinary Board – and the parents of some of the offenders – have even harsher ones.


  1. James Ficker

    Right on Minger, I was saddened to see St. X students wearing ties to show their "support" for the kids going before the disciplinary board. I Honestly Hope they do get expelled to.