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Minh Nguyễn
February 16th, 2003



Google, the search engine you know and love, has bought Pyra, the owner of Blogger, the most popular weblog service available, which powers Trellix.

This might mean many things. Blogger hosts tons of weblogs at Blogspot. So Google might be thinking of just hosting the service, which has had more than its share of server downtime. Google might also be thinking of doing what they did with DejaNews (which they turned into Google Groups). They might be thinking of indexing all its weblogs and making them all searchable.

That could be a plus for the entire weblogging community, but it might not be so great for users of other services, such as Radio Userland, Greymatter, LiveJournal, and Movable Type, which I use.

For those of you who think that weblogging is just a passing fad, you may be wrong. Because Google doesn’t typically embrace fads; it defines Internet necessities. I mean, just look at Google, Google Images, Google Groups, Google Directory, Google News, and Google Glossary (my favorite).

This will probably be bigger news on Tuesday, when the workweek starts, since the news broke yesterday, a Saturday.