Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
February 11th, 2003


I am…

I am an IBM OS/2 Warp.

… the IBM OS/2 Warp, as determined by this quiz. My answers:

When conversing at a party what is the most common response you get?
“That’s nice, anyway as I was saying…”
Your spouse complains about a large painting on your living room wall which is hanging crooked. Do you:
Move the painting so the top-edge is flush with the ceiling, ensuring it's level. Although I don’t have a spouse.
For software, nothing beats a…
Eye candy interface Although I was seriously considering “Cryptic series of 1’s and 0’s”.
Best programming language?
C++ Although I was seriously considering “Commodore 64 BASIC”
What is your favorite genre of literature?
The classics: Programming in PHP, SQL for Geniuses
Will the answers to these questions really help you determine my personality?
If I end up Windows ME someone is going to be hurting.

I wonder if that means I’m going to fade into obsurity a few years ago…

Oh. And, do you know anyone who’s Windows 1.0?