Minh’s Notes

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Minh Nguyễn
January 30th, 2003
High School


Sick Day

Today, Mr. Odioso, the Assistant Principal for Juniors and Seniors and also the Disciplinarian, announced during seventh period that school for tomorrow would be cancelled. Why? Because 21% of the student body was either absent or left school early today, on top of the 19% absent yesterday. Compare that with the usual 2% absentee rate. Also compare that to the 50% requirement Mr. Odioso set yesterday. We get a sick day tomorrow! (repeat, repeat, repeat) All in one school year: we get the first snow day in years, and we get our first sick day ever!


  1. This is AWESOME i am so happy no tests and for get about the homework. I can't wait to waste another day in front of a glowing computer screen.

     – DEATH

  2. Ahhh, the nice, glowing ambiance of a large, 21″ CRT monitor. Yes!

  3. Well, you all should be thankful for me being sick. You get a fun day for it!

  4. No, you should thank me! :^) I’m the one who hung on there at school, sick, just to make a couple dozen other students sick! (Kamakazi tactics and all that, y’know.)

  5. Nuh-uh. I deserve the credit here. I not only came to school every day that I was sick, but Wednesday and Thursday I left school early, thus spreading the Plague to other students while simultaneously contributing to the absence rate.

    Beat that. SUCKERS!

     – President Fogg

  6. James Ficker

    Kamakazi tactics were used byself as well. Even when told to stay Home, I continued to come to school, spreading my infections to countless others. And those missing tubes on highly contagious pathegens that disappeared from the biologly labs had nothing to do with me.

     – Godzilla

  7. Oooh. Do we have a confession?