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Minh Nguyễn
January 22nd, 2003


And there is much rejoicing

Brandon Dodd:

There, I updated, happy now!?



Recently, there has been speculation that Phoenix has died. Not so.

Thank goodness.

Blake Ross:

Yes, after a long hiatus, I have returned. Many thanks to those of you who expressed concern about my well-being (hi mom). Death wishes to those of you who just quietly removed your link to my blog (hi Asa).

Good thing I didn’t delete my bookmark to his site; I wouldn’t’ve remembered his ultra-obvious URL.

Chris Nelson:

Here are two pictures from the San Francisco protest, which I'm shamelessly linking to from Chateau Bizarre:

Hey, Bush, who would Jesus bomb?


Eric Meyer:

Just when I thought it was all going to go to smash (and of course it probably will anyway), a tiny sign of sanity has peeked its head out of the murk to give me a moment of hope. A lawsuit alleging McDonald’s is responsible for two consumers’ obesity has been dismissed. Oddly enough, suddenly I have a craving for a McDonald’s hamburger. With fries. Mmmmm…

I’m glad. Those lawyers could’ve bought a lot more than fries with a victory there.

Neil Deakin:

Customizable toolbars coming to Mozilla soon?

Nice, but I already use Phoenix.


  1. Brandon Dodd

    It's nice to know that someone cares about me! I didn't know that you copyrighted that, don't sue me ok? And there was much rejoicing! LOL

     – Brandon

  2. No, I didn’t copyright it. And, of course I care about you! You’re still my best friend!