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Minh Nguyễn
January 3rd, 2003


DVD-Jon: the American front

Earlier, I reported on the case against Jon Johansen. But this fight is not just in Europe. Since 1999, the US court system has seen lawsuits relating to the DeCSS program and its distribution. Today, the US Supreme Court put one of the cases on hold. This case could set the precedent of extending the State of California’s jurisdiction to the entire world:

But a majority of the state’s high court judges disagreed and overturned the ruling, writing that the DVD CCA’s interpretation “would subject any defendant who commits an intentional tort affecting the motion picture, computer, or consumer-electronics industries to jurisdiction in California even if the plaintiff was not a California resident.”

…which proves that the Internet — an international resource — can easily turn the world’s legal systems upside-down.


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    Once again, Jon Johansen (“DVD Jon”) has been brought back to court.