Minh’s Notes

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Minh Nguyễn
December 29th, 2002


End of an Era?

This morning, Riverfront Stadium (I’ll call it what I want) imploded on itself. Everyone’s been calling it the “end of an era”, but I wouldn’t call it that. Will I miss Riverfront? Not really. Maybe I’ll miss how it matched Cincinnati’s skyline so well, unlike Paul Brown $tadium. Maybe I’ll miss how one of its stairwells waved up and down along the outside of the building. And maybe I’ll miss the name, which came before the age of over-commercialism… oh wait — they changed the name to Cinergy Field a few years back… ugh. I only entered the ballpark twice. One time, I slept the whole time, and another time, I circled the hall of that big bowl with a friend, something I won’t be able to do at any new field that’ll crop up. All I really came to know about that park was the parking garage under it. My mother and I went to that garage twice every weekday, because my mother worked downtown, and I went to a preschool there. I won’t really miss Riverfront… except that, I will.