Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
December 23rd, 2002


Another Site?

Oh, no. Another one has joined the ring of obscure GeoCities members. Doesn’t anyone know how bad GeoCities is? (Maybe I should take this time to mention the LinkBlog that’s going to appear once I completely redesign this website.)


  1. I can't read your site, because that stupid "This site is hosted by Netfirms Web Hosting" layer(?) is blocking the top. The highest I can read is Minh’s Notes and I can see the lower half of your photo.

    I'm using Moz 1.2 on Linux.


  2. I’m using Mozilla Phoenix 0.5 on Microsoft Windows 98SE, and I don’t see what you’re describing, although I used to see it.

    Netfirms, my host, plasters that banner area onto my webpages, because I use their free service. I’m working on a fix for the problem, though, and I’ll be sure to include the fix for my site redesign sometime next month.

    For now, you can probably use DOM Inspector.

    I’m glad to know that someone outside of my school actually reads this site. Thank you for commenting, and please check back soon.