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Minh Nguyễn
December 20th, 2002


The Good, the Bad, the Blueprint

Once again, the St. Xavier Blueprint, my school’s official school newspaper, has published an issue. This issue is quite interesting. If you are a long-time reader of this weblog, I’m sure you’ll recall my previous rants (1, 2), and know that I am not a Blueprint fan. Well, read on for a bit of “constructive criticism”…

First of all, let me congratulate you for taking the time to read the entire article.

New facilities in the works

The top story for today’s issue was about the new facilities planned for our school. Coming from a humble grade school, I often find it hard to believe the amount of building projects St. X undertakes so often.

I find this story quite accurate, except for one thing: the story states that the new theater will be connected to the main building, and that it will be situated between the music and religion departments:

The location of the new theater has been determined. It will sit between he music department and the development offices. A hallway will be extended from the music department to the theater, and a covered walkway from the Religion wing will also connect this new addition to the school. …

Tuesday, I learned from Mr. Hussong informed me of these plans, but he noted that the theater was to be free-standing. (Mr. Hussong is an English teacher, who had information about a faculty meeting discussing the new plans.) Of course the plans could have changed since then and now, but I suppose that the Blueprint article had been written earlier this week, anyhow.

I took a look at the site that the Blueprint said was proposed, and found that it would not be possible easily create a free-standing theater in that position. So I don’t exactly know who to believe. But I do know not to believe the large photograph of the proposed site on the front page. Because it showed the courtyard between the cafeteria and chapel, which definitely would not be the site of the new theater. I classify this as “the bad”.

Budget slashing to come

The Blueprint today published an article about upcoming budget cuts. This is the first in a series. I’m glad that the newpaper has this type of article; the student body should know about these things. I classify this as “the good”.

A Double Standard

Well, well, well. It’s about time that we start talking about double standards. Look, it’s true that every school is guilty about being both arrogant in some respects and about being just plain wrong. But we can improve. Just because everyone else has the same shortcomings (more or less), that doesn’t mean that we can’t improve. If we don’t take the time to challenge commonplace feelings of arrogance and homophobia (it’s still present, believe me), then we are no better than the others. Moreover, we are even worse, because, although we realize our problems, we refuse to correct them.

That’s all I have to say about the matter.

Averse to the Diverse?

Finally, someone understands:

The student body tried to outsource the blame — The topic of arrogance caused quite a bit of discussion in most cases, but this mainly involved trying to absolve ourselves of responsibility for the city-wide perceptions of St. X students as overly proud. Some cried, “The other schools are just as arrogant!” Other [sic] claimed, “Their parents brainwash their them to hate St. X!” Nevertheless, we ourselves are still accountable for those perceptions. …

Anti-gay e-mail sparks online furor

As I was saying about double-standards…

Well, I’ll have to say, this this the single most incriminating piece of evidence against Elder that I have seen yet. Towards the end of the article, the author even notes that Elder High School has not yet allowed the archdiosican organization CRYSM to meet on its grounds, although most other GCL schools have.


Conlon to Take Telles’ Duties

Wow. I’m scared. And I’m sure many others are, too. Mrs. Conlon is known for being shrewd and intimidating, and her new position will not bode well for websurfers within the St. X community. We’ll wait and see. I sure hope this won’t be part of “the ugly”.

Students collect cans galore

Uh-oh. The average number of pounds of food collected per sophomore homeroom was triple-six. Do the math. Yep, that’s a part of “the ugly”.

Students may receive PDAs in ’03

C’mon. We don’t need PDAs, we need laptops! Just kidding.

I view these gadgets as nothing more than gimmicks to attract more students. And St. X will already have a worse overflow of students next year than they do this year. That could get “ugly”.

Letters to the Editor

“Men and Women for and with Others”? What kind of motto is that?

Heh. I almost laughed at the cartoon portraying former Sen. Lott in a big white hood, explaining his segregationist remarks. Clever. There goes PC.

Mixers = Sin? Well, I’ve never been to a mixer before. (Shame on me, I guess.) So, no comment.

Kudos to Josh for doing by e-mail what I had only the courage to do by blog. It was long overdue.

Rasso hits milestone without breaking stride

Wow. Have you ever seen Rasso teach Gym? Well, congratulations, Mr. Rasso.

Winter Sports Update

They didn’t mention Quiz Team? Sure, Brad, Quiz Team’s a sport.

And need I mention the Backside?


  1. James Ficker

    I for one would like to congratulate Phillip for the mixers=sin letter. That took a lot of guts. The whole day after the paper came out I heard repeated threats and name calling directed at Phill (Stone Cold" Sitzer(sp)). All becasue thought the women should be treated with respect. Makes me sad to be a guy at X, alomst.

     – James

  2. All becasue thought the women should be treated with respect. Makes me sad to be a guy at X, alomst.

    Huh? (Correct grammar makes comprehension more likely.)