Minh’s Notes

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Minh Nguyễn
December 19th, 2002
High School


Shameless Plug

Today, right before English class, someone put up the URL for his website on the chalkboard. That prompted a shameless plug on my part: I went up and wrote a little advertisement for this website:

Visit MingerWeb today!
Updated daily!

That sparked a whole lot of shameless plugging from the entire class. And not everyone was putting up the address to their site, either.

Then the original plugger thought he was clever, and put something along the lines of “Be quiet! MZ is where it’s all at!” Right underneath my plug. Then he saw the part of my advertisment that said “Updated daily!” He sighed. No one can match the power of the blog!

I’ve got another plug ready for tomorrow. Just wait.


  1. …I started this blog. I’m not going to go into a long diatribe about how far my blog has gone and what herdles I’ve had to overcome in keeping it going – I’ll save that for this time next year. For now, I’ll ju...


  1. Shameless Plug:

    The Umojan Republic

    "Dedicated to Freedom, Democracy, Equality, and the preservation of Peace through the construction and maintenance of ridiculously high-yield nuclear weapons."

    A brief desription of the Umojan Republic

    The Umojan Republic of 2025 is located in present-day Iraq and Iran. The area has undergone extensive terraformation (changing of terrain) after the region-wide nuclear war of 2005, creating several different climate areas- each has been divided into its own Territory (the equivalent of a state or province). The largest of the eight territories, Iscandar (mountain), negotiated its independence from the Republic in 2022, but remains Umoja's closest ally.

    Alright. I have to do homework. Enough of this. :)

    Send applications for Umojan citizenship to presidentfogg@yahoo.com. No, seriously. Even though this whole thing died two years ago, maybe we can ressurect it! I dunno why you'd want to, though.

     – President Fogg