Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
December 9th, 2002



Does anyone still care about Composer, the editor part of Mozilla? Apparently so. There have been many suggestions for making Composer better, but few have been looked at, because Composer is just the outcast, the lonely one, the poor, ignored child of the Mozilla application suite. I’d really like to see Composer become more of a word processor that uses XHTML as its format. That way, it could serve to make both word processing documents and webpages. Hm. Maybe the developers of Phoenix will relent and make a Phoenicized Composer. Maybe it could be named after the Greek mythological character who spread knowledge or created philosophy, since Phoenix is named after a mythological creature.

Like anyone in the Mozilla community will actually read this blog, anyhow. (sigh)


  1. *joins the Mozilla community*

    See Minh, people in the Mozilla community really DO visit your site!

    *leaves the Mozilla community*

  2. * adds “Brad Ruwe” to blocked users list *

    * relents and removes “Brad Ruwe” from blocked users list *