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Minh Nguyễn
August 24th, 2002
High School


It’s that time of the year…

Well, yesterday was my first day of 10th grade. This year’s going to be okay (I hope), but I’m sure it could be better.

I’m finally taking science this year (Accelerated Chemistry). I guess that’s okay, as long as nothing blows up in my face, and as long as the Bunsen burner doesn’t singe my hair. (It’s happened to someone I know, believe me.)

My art teacher seems like a good one. He doesn’t seem as funny as my teacher last year, but it seems like he gives fairer grades.

My English teacher just scares me. Let’s just leave it at that.

I don’t think I’ll like this year’s religion teacher as much as last year’s.

Now, I really like this year’s Spanish teacher, but I don’t know which is worse: a Spanish teacher, whose native language is Spanish, but speaks only English to us, or a Spanish teacher, whose native language is English, but speaks only Spanish to us.

So, all in all, this is going to be an interesting year.

Thanks to Brad for pointing out the whole Spanish teacher dilemna.


  1. Chris Schlechter

    This is Chris from Spanish last year. I linked to your site via Pendl. First of all, I would like to disagree with you about science. I am taking accelerated chemestry as well, but I think that, something blowing up, not necessisarily in my face, but in the general proximity, could be the most thrilling part of the entire year, especially considering that Thomas is my teacher. Second of all, I would rather have your teacher for espanol because (laugh all you want) I was assigned to luehrmann again this year. Have fun either way. See you in school.

  2. Boy, I’d better check my web referrer logs. I didn’t know my banner ad program was actually *working*! Thanks for your input, Chris. I didn’t realize that Luehrmann taught sophomores too. Have a good year!

     – Minh Nguyen (“minger”)

  3. WHITIE!!!

    yeah, im in mingers spanish class this year. Lhurman again??? wow, that sux. Yeah, this spanish teacher is kick ass. and fire is cool!!!

    "Cut your rates in half and then double it." -quote from Crank Yankers.

  4. I'm taking spanish III! MWAHAHAHA! Actually, I'm in deep trouble. I'm in a class with almost all juniors and the teacher rufuses to speak english. And I agree with Chris, something blowing up in that class would make my day. (As long as it didn't kill anyone)

  5. josh, u posted twice. (what an idiot...)

  6. Eh, Brad, I don't see the double-posting. You must be tired. Go to bed. :^P

  7. Brad, mebbe you need better glasses? Double vision is generally considered a bad thing.