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Minh Nguyễn
June 13th, 2002
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Movable Type troubles

If you were wondering what happened to my blog yesterday, it was down, because some files that Movable Type uses to create my blog got corrupted, after I posted a post with a bogus date. I had to reinstall MT this morning, and that was kind of an excuse for upgrading the blog at the same time, from version 2.0 to version 2.11. Also, all webmasters using MT must delete the file mt-load.cgi immediately in order to avoid being hacked thoroughly by a few hackers who are exploiting the file to gain access to blogs using MT.


  1. hi minh, I am commenting you because you are in need of comments. I think that your page deserves many comments. dont you? well I do, lol. so how have you been doing? Ive been doing fine. well did you know that fetching the newspaper in the morning is one of my favorite things? me neither. I also enjoy getting the mail. I think those are my two favorite hobbies. have you heard of all the mailbox swiping going around lately? well im not letting that happen to my mail box cause i wait every day untill the mailman comes so I can get the mail directly from him. do you like getting mail? cool. well i havnt really gotten to my comment yet have I? but we can wait lets talk somemore. how has your brother been doing? my sister has been doing great! she just realized her new hobby, it is collecting potato chips. she hides them behind the toilet. she is in need for green and brown ones so if you find any in your next bag be sure to call her. im sure she will make a good trade. if you ever want to start collecting potato chips you can call her, she knows the value of all of them. well i guess i should get to my comment soon but not for a while. have you ever tried one of those vomit flavored jellybeans? yes they are real. I had one and I vomited it up. have you ever had one of those red apple flavored jelly beans? I have and its the best and i think your blog is like a red apple jellybean. lol


  2. Chris, that is the biggest text of drivel I have ever seen. If you do not know what drivel means, I suggest that you go to http://www.dictionary.com/ and look it up. I believe that word describes your post nicely. Thank you for commenting; no thank you for what you commented on. ;^)

     – Minh Nguyen, aka minger

  3. Heya Minh!!!!! Love Ya, Love ya blog, Hate Chris! Laterz