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Minh Nguyễn
April 1st, 2011
This Website


My fellow netizens

Since you and I last convened upon this well-preserved relic of the 2000s, the world as we know it has changed dramatically, as evidenced by an incremented version number.

All major browsers now support <video>, which will soon be deployed in the fight to deprecate <input type="radio">.

Wikipedia has turned ten – old enough to use a calculator in math class, which should help with credibility. Vandalism has been reverted. Spam has been deleted. (Applause from the Deletionists.) Citations have been added. More are needed.

Unfortunately, this occasion is also met with sour news. Our ally Movable Type, the once-scrappy personal blogging engine turned corporate content management publishing system framework platform framework, has regrettably lost. But its memory – version 4.35 of it – lives on at this blog, the state of which is strong. Thank you.