Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
February 28th, 2010


A triumphant return… to spam

So apparently spambots consider a blog abandoned after six months. At that point, they increase the flow of comment spam tenfold, hoping the blog’s owner is asleep at the keyboard and has kindly left the floodgates open.

What a refreshing nap. And what a wonderful way to return to the blogosphere: awaiting me were thousands of comments pending approval. As usual, there were plenty of entry-to-entry salesmen peddling See One Alice and other fine products. But the spambots have been getting increasingly desperate, burying their hyperlinks within gushing compliments. They hail the entries from my high school days as “good”, “great”, and “pretty great”, fully expecting to shove their way onto my blog with deafening courtesy. Moral of the story: never trust a robot to recognize good writing. Or to produce any.

I did get some old-fashioned, hand-typed feedback during my absence. A decidedly human commenter called me, to paraphrase orthographically, a “———kin virgin”, whatever that means. A thoughtful reader announced the obsolescence of some software I released years ago. But not to worry: soon, they too will be assimilated by the vast army of spambots roaming this blogosphere.

In six months, I’d forgotten what fun it is to drag my readers through hundreds of words of pointless drivel, seasoned generously with outbound hyperlinks. My sincere thanks to the spambots for reminding me.