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Minh Nguyễn
January 30th, 2008



A little old, but still interesting: a Microsoft employee demos a not-for-sale, stripped-down version of Windows called MinWin. (Not to be confused with the author of this blog, whose name is pronounced slightly differently.) Among other things, it features an ASCII art boot screen. In all seriousness, it’s more or less intended to be a tiny core within Windows 7, as well as the operating system for embedded devices like phones, which simply don’t have the 15 GB recommended for Windows Vista Home Basic.

Also of note are a brief look at Microsoft Bob – which I happen to run on my computer occasionally – and the angry fruit salad known as Windows 1.0.

Incidentally: Windows 2.0 – with Reversi! I love Reversi.

Via Ina Fried of C|Net.


  1. Un empleado de Microsoft demonstra una edición no en venta, minimalística de Windows se llama MinWin – que no debes confundir con el autor de este blog – además de Microsoft Bob y Windows 1.0.