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Minh Nguyễn
December 30th, 2007


State of the art

About ten years ago, I first logged onto the Internet. It was a Netscape internet. Everything was “Optimized for Netscape Navigator 3.01”, because Internet Explorer was still in its infancy. On Friday, Netscape was put to rest for the third time. (Goodbye, Francisco Franco.) Though the state of the art long ago left their Mountain View campus, I’ll always miss the spectacular views of comets and huma-huma triggerfish that Netscape gave to the world.


  1. Acerca de diez años pasada, conecté a Internet la primera vez. Fue un internet de Netscape.

  2. In honor of Run Some Old Web Browsers Day and the tenth anniversary of the Mozilla Project, I’ve managed to get some ancient versions of Mosaic, Netscape, and the like running on my Mac. Screenshots abound.