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Minh Nguyễn
January 27th, 2007


Know thy sources

Ever wonder who’s writing all those Wikipedia entries? You know, the ones on topics that no sane person should have ever conceived of, let alone write about? Well, now you know:

A slightly creepy loner who has been frightening women in his neighbourhood by hanging around their houses and trying to talk to them about military history and Star Wars has been ordered by a judge to serve his community service on Wikipedia.

That’s why professional reference works always maintain suitably high standards for contributors, for instance requiring at least a JD in Information Architecture to land a gig in the publisher’s mail room. If that story ruffles your feathers, this site may well lead you to swear your allegiance to the Encyclopædia Britannica.

Hat tip to Guy Chapman for the scoop, and of course to Wikipedia for, well, being easy to link to.

Between my f2o account shattering into pieces a month ago and me getting sick these past few weeks, I haven’t gotten much time to slog through the backlog of e-mail, blog subscriptions, and Facebook friend requests (not to mention homework), so please stay on the line while I respond to my tasks in the (reverse) order in which they were received.