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Minh Nguyễn
November 1st, 2006


Half the candidate

How flattering: upon “endorsing” Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell, The Cincinnati Enquirer wishes to “support his ideas and denounce his tactics.” The paper begins its defense of Blackwell thus:

The race for Ohio governor is a contest to see which candidate is the least like incumbent Bob Taft.

It would seem as though the Enquirer is aiming to have it both ways, affirming (as it always does) its unwavering support for the GOP while sheltering itself from any additional scandals that may arise between now and Election Day. It’s as if they know there will be additional scandals, and the paper wants to allow only half of Blackwell into the Governor’s Residence while locking the other half out.

Obviously, I’m not quite in tune with Ohio politics, since no TV would be within earshot of the hundreds of dirty ads flying in Ohio at this very moment. But if the paper wanted so badly to deal a blow to Blackwell’s Democratic opponent, they could have simply abstained this year. Yes, the Enquirer could have cast a blank vote and denied its endorsement to both candidates. Instead, it took a position that it had to carefully defend. And since the Enquirer’s defense includes the following tidbit…

Unfortunately the first thing Blackwell will have to do if he is elected is to live down his campaign. He has attempted to falsely smear Strickland as a supporter of child sex. He has used surrogates to suggest that Strickland, married for 18 years, is gay. Such tactics are blots on Blackwell’s character, and he owes the state of Ohio an apology. Strickland is an honorable man who has served the state with integrity.

…the “endorsement” only lowers my opinion of Blackwell. Kind of defeats the purpose of endorsing a candidate, doesn’t it.