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Minh Nguyễn
April 27th, 2006
Adobe Atmosphere


A luckier one

Google just released a free version of the 3D modeling application they bought last month, SketchUp. It looks like Google has the intention of really developing this software. Let me just take this opportunity to wax nostalgic and lament that Atmosphere didn’t strike nearly as much luck when Adobe bought it a few years ago, then later abandoned it. Google found a good idea and is going to popularize it, but Atmosphere was so much better of an idea, and it would’ve really jived with Google’s other services: it was SketchUp with a built-in Google Page Creator (the Builder), an immersive Google Talk (in-world chat), and a Google Video to boot (embedded videos and Flash animations). Plus, it had a grassroots-style community, one that I really miss.

At least I still have my copy of Atmosphere to tinker around with…