Minh’s Notes

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Minh Nguyễn
December 16th, 2005


Back home

So I’m now back home in Ohio for Christmas Break, taking in the sun, the sights, and… the snow. Most of it’s melted by now, but there was enough of it yesterday that I didn’t get home until today – 1:30 AM apparently counts as the next day.

My first plane was delayed for an hour and a half before it even took off, so for that time I waited in the plane, in the midst of sunny, sixty-some degree weather. Much thanks goes to Chicago O’Hare, which once delayed my plane even when it was perfectly sunny there. When my plane arrived, we had to circle around Chicago several times, since there wasn’t any room at the airport yet. The constant back-and-forth rolling that turned the plane in circles made me nauseous. Once we landed, we had to wait some more for the plane to get space to park at the terminal, so we sat on the tarmack across the freeway.

My connecting flight was listed as “On Time” until the time it was supposed to start boarding. We didn’t board yet, because the plane hadn’t yet arrived (for all I know, it was circling around Chicago like we were). So they finally updated the board to say my connecting flight got delayed awhile. Then, when I got to Dayton, the roads were so covered with ice from Vandalia to Monroe that we crawled at 15 miles an hour most of the way.

So that’s why I got back today. At least it’s still white outside.

Some things have changed while I was gone, apparently: my brother’s school, the same one I went to before high school, has switched to the college-style trimester system. They also stopped giving the sixth grade exams, the very year my brother enters the sixth grade. Argh.