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Minh Nguyễn
December 11th, 2005



The few of you who have me as a friend on LiveJournal will notice that my blog there has been updated for the first time in almost a year, with a verbatim copy of my last post here. This evening, while my host was perpetually down, I installed MTLJPost 1.9.2, the newest version of a Movable Type that turns my LiveJournal blog into an automatic mirror of this weblog.

My LiveJournal account used to function as an automatic mirror until about August of last year, when a previous version of the same plugin croaked on me, forcing me to basically abandon that blog, which ended up containing every Minh’s Notes entry from this website’s inception in March 2002 to that August. Now that the plugin has been updated, my LiveJournal blog will once again be updated on a regular basis, for those of you who hesitate to venture outside the world of LiveJournal once in awhile. You know who you are.

In telling people about this tonight, I’ve frequently been asked, “Why?!” Besides the fact that such a system is incredibly shweet – that’s apparently the jargon used by computer scientists – there’s a very practical concern: I need a backup. Ever since my first website, LSP Online, was located at WebJump (now defunct), I’ve kept a mirror of my site just in case something were to go wrong with my main site.

That strategy has worked. In the time I’ve maintained a web presence, two hosts (WebJump and Akshor) have closed their doors without notifying me beforehand, and for a time, both WebJump and my current host, freedom2operate, had downtime so frequently that I was forced to direct people to my mirrors.

After this exam week, I’m also planning to install another plugin that’ll turn my Blogger blog (also named 1ec5) into a similar mirror. But rest assured: this site will remain the primary location of Minh’s Notes.


  1. Minh’s Notes is now responsible for the most pointless use of the word “app” in recorded history.