Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
December 4th, 2005



Saturday night, the newsmedia was scooped on St. X’s win over Massillon Washington and consequent Ohio state football title – the school’s first ever, if you’ve been living under a fairly sound-proof rock. A few minutes after I heard the winning countdown on Internet radio, I went into the recently-expanded Wikipedia article on St. X at 9:48 EST and added in a short line about the win – in my usual style, I made several mistakes and spotted some vandalism there, all of which I duly corrected.

I also removed some pro-Tigers material about Massillon Washington’s football team from the Wikipedia article on Massillon, Ohio. Anyways, it really belongs at Wikipedia’s separate article on the high school, which I took the time to clean up. One improvement leads to another at that highly-addicting wiki.

Only several minutes later did the Enquirer, the first non-live media outlet to cover the event, publish a four-paragraph blurb about the victory on their website. They followed that up with a much more detailed article – the professionals prepare their stuff much more than we citizen journalists do.

And finally – finally – a St. X student on pX blogged about it at 3:27 this morning. A little late, if you ask me.