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Minh Nguyễn
November 30th, 2005


A drop in the bucket

This entry will be my fifth for the month – it’s still November here on the West Coast. Not since October 2003 have I blogged so little in the span of a month. You can blame schoolwork. But now that I get one day of rest – one day where I’ll get a decent amount of sleep – I thought I’d do a little catchup.

Some of my longtime readers may recall that I used to post links to news articles and other goodies on this blog. Those links came from the “Blog About…” folder on my Bookmarks Toolbar, which is now a whopping 44 links long. I seriously intended to blog about each of those links at some point. So I’ll post what constitutes a tiny drop in the bucket, in a feeble attempt to stop procrastinating. Yes, it’s possible (and quite easy) to procrastinate blogging.

In somewhat chronological order, from newest (and likely most relevant) to oldest (most out-of-date):

  1. A Recipe for Newspaper Survival in the Internet Age
  2. Hostile media effect – If you watch Fox News because the rest of the media is too biased, it’s probably all in your head.
  3. Woodward joins a decadent dance
  4. EU says internet could fall apart – How viable and prosperous do you think a separate “Internet” run by, say, Malta would be?
  5. Saudi Arabia blocks access to Blogger, Flickr, LiveJournal
  6. Can This Fruit Be Saved? – The banana as you know it, the Cavendish, is in danger.
  7. Google In The Air [1]
  8. Don’t dumb me down – Why the media is to blame for making scientists look like quacks. [2]
  9. Web 2.0: Teen Panel on Technology Uses
  10. NOAA Forecast Plotter
  11. Troubling Exits At Microsoft – Precisely why Microsoft is losing to Google & Co.
  12. Character Sets: Using eudcedit.exe – Microsoft slipped into Windows a nifty little font editor. If only I found out about it five years ago… [3]
  13. Google Blog Search – An invaluable resource when doing research for my PWR course, because all I need to see are the little snippets of text that I can quote.
  14. Microsoft reinvents the menubar – A peek at Microsoft Office’s new “ribbon.” See also Jensen Harris’s blog, which regularly offers interesting screenshots and explanations of what’s coming in Office 12.
  15. decodeuиicode
  16. Software Freedom Day in Cincinnati – A FOSS user group held Software Freedom Day in Cincinnati some months back. Unfortunately, the page that once described it has been deleted.
  17. Foxie
  18. Bush: US Must Protect Iraq From Terror – It’s official: it’s all about oil.
  19. Jabber Google Map
  20. A List Apart 4.0
  21. Engadget 1985 – Ah yes, monospaced fonts and 16-color dithered images. Gotta love BBS. [4]
  22. Goodbye Myspace, Hello Wikipedia! – I don’t know how anyone could return to MySpace after finding out what fun it is to work on Wikipedia… [5]
  23. Content Stripped Bare: Death of design; reign of content? – Notice how this was published in July. Now notice the date today.
  24. How to run IE7 (Beta 1) alongside IE6 [6]
  25. MozMapEditor :– SVG Powered!!! [7]
  26. Douglas Rushkoff on Current TV – How Al Gore’s participatory media project didn’t work out as planned.
  27. Showing restraint
  28. When people ask for security holes as features: Silent install of uncertified drivers
  29. NASA Open Source Software [8]
  30. Google Sells Out Users to Publishers
  31. Furniture Causes FedEx Fits
  32. Brit License Plates Get Chipped
  33. That’s about the size of it – “[T]he layers of stretched nylon appeared to be as thick as a 1½-inch cable.”
  34. Worldwide wonder

Note that I removed some links that were so out of date that they… well, they’ve gone to the big 404 in the sky. So that’s about the extent of it. Good night.


  1. Funny links from back in high school. It’s not every year you find this kind of brilliance on Digg or Reddit.