Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
October 31st, 2005


A thousand songs, in the seat behind you

So my roommate and I woke up today wondering if our teachers would allow us to come to class in our Halloween costumes – it’s college, after all. The students are going to be wacky today.

I walk into my Computer Science class, and Professor Mehran is walking about in full Jedi attire. Beginning class, he believes that he’s outdone the rest of us in terms of costume design, and goes on to introduce his light saber – with sound effects. An “electronic pointer” he calls it. Then a student walks into class late, dressed as an iPod commercial.

Yes, he sillhouetted himself with black facepaint and matching clothes to boot. And he had the white iPod, of course. But this costume generated ROFLs only because he strapped a large, neon pink piece of cardboard to his back. By the time Mehran had taken notice of the student, the student was heading up the lecture hall steps, back (and cardboard) turned to the professor.

Mehran stopped his lecture for a few moments: “I’ve just gotta see what you’re dressed up as.”

At the top of the steps, he turns around and poses. The class laughs, and then he attempts to sit in the only available back row seat, as his neon pink backround pushes another student out of the seat next to him. PropsForSure™.


  1. Entonces, mi compañero de habitación y yo nos levantamos esta mañana, preguntándonos si nuestros profesores nos permitirían asistir las clases en nuestros disfraces para Halloween – después de todos, es la universidad. Los estudiantes ...