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Minh Nguyễn
August 7th, 2005


Back from Missouri

My family just got back from Missouri tonight; we were at a huge, semi-international conference of Vietnamese Catholics called Đại Hội Thánh Mẫu – Marian Days, for those few of you who don’t speak fluent Vietnamese. :^P

This was my first time attending Đại Hội Thánh Mẫu since I was two, so it was all pretty new to me. Since it was partly a pilgrammage, I wasn’t to bring my computer; just a camera. So I’ll post all those wonderful photos tomorrow if time permits.

Of course, you didn’t notice that much of a difference, since I had so many posts automatically scheduled for this blog that you’d think I was in front of the computer the whole time.


  1. I wrote eons ago that I’d post some pictures and details from Đại Hội Thánh Mẫu, the huge gathering of Vietnamese Catholics from all over North America. And it was huge: around 70,000 people showed up, with tents, megatents, and...