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Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
June 24th, 2005


Catching up on everything else

Following up on yesterday’s post – I hope you had a good time reading – here are some more links I couldn’t resist sharing:

Time’s Up, Einstein

A New Zealander claims that calculus isn’t good enough to describe the real world.

Keeping Up With Uncle Sam

There is no safe-haven against copyright, because governments will always listen to corporate demands to open up more of the public to royalties and kickbacks. </moreIrony>

Ames Room

It took me awhile to figure this optical illusion out. Word has it that Apple will soon feature this technique in its commercials. I wonder how.

The Onion 2056

This is what happens when you take a joke way too far… into the future. (I crack myself up.)

The Man Behind the FedEx Logo

I’d never noticed the arrow in their logo myself. Anyhow, the interview is quite interesting.

Foreign Policy Quadrants

You’ve all seen those 1D political “spectrums” before (the ones that rank you from Liberal to Conservative), and maybe you’ve seen one of the 2D ones as well (bonus points for having taken OkCupid’s novel quiz). But these days, all that really seems to matter is the 2D chart of standpoints on foreign policy. (There’s some neat coverage of political spectrums over at Wikipedia.)

I’m not sure where I fit, because whether or not I originally agreed with the war (I didn’t quite), we’re stuck in it now. All I’d really like is for our government to be more grown-up about it, instead of banging our heads against the wall harder and harder every day, hoping for a good outcome.

Politology, which I somehow just discovered, is an interesting read, whether or not you agree with its progressive tendencies, because of its coverage of technology and society as it relates to politics. (That’s the area in which I turn into more of a libertarian.)

Hopefully I’ll be able to write a real weblog entry soon, but I’m just too busy.

Thanks to Dave Shea for the FedEx logo link.

For posterity’s sake: This was my first entry that was prerecorded, then scheduled to appear at a certain time, using Movable Type’s Future-publishing option.