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Minh Nguyễn
May 11th, 2005


Last Blueprint critique of my high school career

Okay, the post that you’ve all been waiting for… sorry it took so long; I’ve been beseiged with AP exams.

The Blueprint ended the year today with, unsurprisingly, an excessive amount of humor, not only from the controversial Backside, which I covered recently, but also from the typically serious news section.

It may seem like an eternity ago, but the Schneider ticket for Student Council leadership got elected not too long ago, not in time to make the printing deadlines for the previous issue of the Blueprint. Given that Weber/CareFace ’04 created a de facto standard of corny humor, it should come as no surprise that each ticket tried to capitalize on the Weber precedent, by flooding the school halls with bad jokes and other nonsense. The Blueprint just couldn’t resist including the now-famous “Maximus Schneider” flyer. About that flyer, I’m sorry but… no comment.

Since I’m sure absolutely no one wants to read through Blueprint critiques as lengthy as March’s, I’ll give only some of what I think here, refraining from mentioning the typical array of embarrassing typos and grammatical errors:

And this brings us to the ridiculous three pages of Backside. Pitiful, especially given that they didn’t include my article.

Actually, I realize that my article had little chance of making it into the Blueprint from the time I started writing it. I typed it up during 5th period on the day it was due, then quickly dropped it off at the Blueprint office. By then, they already had their three pages.

But seriously, my article would’ve been at least a bit better than the one that Shane has on the back of the back of the Backside.

Of worth this issue were “Joe Besl’s Bio” by Tom Silver, “Homeless Man Goes Home” by Andy Brownfield, “Virgin Mary Livens Up School Day” by Joe again (featuring DJ Miller), and “Things I Won’t Miss” by Tom again.

Having read the article and seen the original image that clearly offended so many last week, I deem that the image was so inappropriate that I will issue a recommendation to the school administration first thing tomorrow morning: Mr. Odioso et al. will henceforth conduct random, schoolwide Photoshop raids, in order to purge the school of all technologies which may be used to commit such heinous acts, persuant to the DMCA.

Also: join the fight against Comic Sans MS.

Even if this issue contained more than its fair share of mistakes and errors, I still think the Blueprint ended this year on a high note. I’ll blog about this more later on, in an upcoming series “Going Out: Reflections of an almost-ex-senior.” (If I ever get around to it, that is.)