Minh’s Notes

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Minh Nguyễn
February 24th, 2005


DevEdge is coming back!

Netscape DevEdge was in my opinion the most useful online reference for technologies like HTML, CSS, the DOM, and especially JavaScript (which Netscape created, of course).

I constantly used it when developing websites or Mozilla XUL applications; in my lack of foresight I never bothered to download the references to my computer. It was taken offline once AOL disbanded Netscape. So I was incredibly let down when this happened.

Now, thanks to the Mozilla Foundation’s hard work, DevEdge content will be making a comeback! It’ll probably get integrated into the voluminous amount of documentation already at mozilla.org, including the JavaScript 2.0 specification. Hopefully they’ll remember to make all this information more accessible; right now, I only find the newer documents via Google or at random. The incredibly antiquated documents, of course, are just a few clicks away from the homepage.

DevEdge was once located at developer.netscape.com; maybe we’ll see developer.mozilla.org grow to become a similarly useful resource.