Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
February 20th, 2005



So, I attended my first SMILE youth group meeting in, oh, maybe two years or so. Well, with President’s Day weekend and all, I had plenty of time. I sure picked the right day to return, too: we were talking about relationships, a topic which I am clearly not an expert in. Moreover, it was Part Two, so I encountered lots of phrases that I wasn’t familiar with. What’s PSI got to do with relationships? :^)

I actually knew about half the people there this time, including Josh, Heather, and Claire. I must be getting old now, because there I also met some people who used to ride my bus as third-graders.

I might start attending SMILE more often soon, now that various forms of work have subsided. Guess I’ll start with that “8th Grade Confirmation Retreat for Little People.”